Build lasting customer relationships while driving additional revenue today. MultiLot offers a suite of high-performing customer management, engagement, and fundraising tools in the U.S.

MultiLot’s patented, state-of-the-art, privacy and compliance tools — baked into every offering — ensure a safe, seamless experience for companies and their customers.

Professional & Collegiate Sports Teams & Leagues

VIP partners, fans, & donors drive serious returns for sports organizations — often as much as 50% of overall revenue. MultiLot’s flagship U.S. organization, Wavework, automates these guests’ experiences, soup-to-nuts. Less work and more income for teams, an enriched experience for fans.

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Managing high-value VIP donors is as much science as art. We handle the science part — automating logistics in an easy-to-use platform that houses all communication, eliminating the potential for human error. You are now freed up to handle the art of excellent relationships.
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Stadiums & Venues

Custom packages and premium seating are the jewel in your crown — bringing in significant revenues for your property. We help you manage all the logistical pieces, ensuring continuity and optimal experiences for your high-value customers.

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How We Help

With an established European-base in lotteries and other games, MultiLot is renowned for its gaming innovations, as well as its patented, state-of-the-art compliance and privacy technologies.

The company is now taking this expertise to the U.S., starting with Wavework, a service engagement platform used by major U.S. sports teams, leagues, and venues to manage the premium customer experience.