Wavework: Your one-stop VIP customer experience management platform

Sports teams and venues deliver a next-level premium experience with Wavework’s proprietary, automated platform. Parking arrangements, catering orders, special events, exclusive offers, and last minute requests and changes, all live in an easy-to-navigate platform for effortless (and virtually mistake-proof!) logistics management with centralized and archived communications. Plus, Wavework’s performance insights keep you at the top of your game. 

Wavework in Action

The Wavework platform serves two key audiences: the asset holder (the team, league, venue, or charity) and their clients. Having all requests and communication housed in one intuitive interface reduces errors; and critically, ensures business continuity for everyone involved.

Why Wavework?

Keep your high-value, VIP guest-revenue flowing. Premium customers generate as much as 40-50% of total seat revenue, even though they represent a fraction of an arenas’ seating inventory. By automating all the tedious logistical touchpoints, Wavework makes it easy for you to roll out the red carpet. Achieve business continuity — even when staffing changes — and keep premium guests coming back for more.

Streamlined Communication

Reduce customer effort and strengthen key relationships with real-time, personalized responses and news.

Customized Benefits

Provide awareness and ease of access to account-specific benefits and amenities to add on-going value and increase satisfaction.

Data & Trends

Capture next-level insights on service operations in real-time and maintain business continuity with Wavework’s archived database.

Web-Based Platform

Eliminate guesswork, manual tasks, and paperwork to deliver modern convenience and sell faster.

Expand Your Reach, Not Your Headcount

Automate tedious tasks and free up your staff to focus on what matters most: Building and strengthening relationships with clients.

Happy customers spend more and stay longer. Wavework ensures you and your team can consistently deliver a convenient, frictionless, quick experience to your premium audiences. You’ll save time and money, and focus on what matters most: the fans.